Apr 19, 2011

Game of Thrones Review: 1.01 "Winter is Coming"


Today is not a good day to cancel Game of Thrones.

Well that was certainly an interesting hour of television. I'm not sure I remember any of the names of the characters, I'm not sure I could recall many of the locations, and I'm pretty sure this might have been the creepiest hour of TV I have ever seen.

Don't get me wrong, the show was very very good. The writing was top notch, the acting was great, but at some point you almost feel the producers are just going for the shock factor. The following is a pretty comprehensive list of the debauchery that happened in the episode. A word of warning, some pretty adult stuff lay ahead.

- Something that looks like a cross between an Urukai and a plastic baby doll slaughters one man and beheads another.

- A man beheads another man in front of his children, including his ten year old son.

- Vivid up close shots of a rotting deer (overt symbolism as the symbol for the house of the king is a deer) and wolf, complete with maggots. Also the wolf had left five wolf pups that were almost slaughtered.

- A dwarf is given a blowjob, with sound effects.

- The brother of the dwarf has three prostitutes join the dwarf and his lady for a fivesome.

- On a different continent, the a blond brother fondles his sister to prepare her to be wed to a savage.

- Said blond sister walks into freshly poured scalding water in order to cleanse herself and third degree burns (speculation).

- There is a blood orgy at this sisters wedding.

- She is brutally raped.

- Back on the original continent, the queen question comes on to a thirteen year old girl.

- And to end the hour, the previously mentioned ten year old boy witnesses the queen and her twin brother engaging in doggy style incest. The last scene is the boy being tossed to his assumed death.

Those are some pretty raw things to go through in a show, but the funny thing is, at the end of the hour I was ready to see where things go in the future. Plus, next week can't possibly be anymore scandalous, can it?


  1. I'd like to clarify something for the nerds out there: By "dwarf" he means "little person" not the Norse/Tolkien race of stout humanoids. Game of Thrones (to my dismay) is all human all the time.

  2. I'm actually reading the second book of this series, didn't know they were making a tv series of it. I'm very curious now. And well knowing HBO, they love some uncomfortable moments, the moments you mention do happen in the book but not in as much detail as the tv series probably. I'll definately check this out.

  3. wow! Have not watched any of it yet, but will have to check it out. Not that I am into wolf slaughtering or beheadings.... but sounds like the plot is gonna be thick!