Apr 18, 2011

Review: Mad Love Episode 1.09 "Pub Quiz"


Today is a great day to cancel Mad Love.

The follow text conversation took place between 7:41 and 7:57 CST
Jeramy: The fact that you didn't rip Mad Love apart makes me doubt you. Strongly

Blake: It is better tonight.

Jeramy: Are you watching the same show I'm watching?
Blake: It is charming. Certainly not the best, but not horrible.

Jeramy: It is horrible. The laugh track makes it worse.

Blake: Yeah, the laugh track is bad, I will give you that, but the show is not nearly as bad as you think. It is a solid 5.

Jeramy: It's a solid -5. You only like it because Sarah Chalke makes you moist.

Blake: Yep.

Jeramy: I don't know who's worse... cliché fat guy, cliché straight guy, or the two barely distinguishable chicks.

Blake: Fat guy is funny and the chicks are cute. Straight guy is horrible.

Jeramy: Fat guy isn't funny. The chicks aren't naked enough to be a draw.

Well, I disagree. It won't matter though, it will get axed.

cliché wackiness is making me reach for my gun.

Haha! Sounds like you should write the review tonight.

Don't worry dude, Sarah will be doing softcore porn in a few years.

...which will be better scripted than Mad Love.

I hope so.

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