Apr 11, 2011

Introduction to Collegiate Studies

20th Century Fox
Stop me if you've heard this one before, two work friends decide to make a blog. Pretty common theme, and also the start of our story. Fortunately for you readers, me and my coworker do not push paper for a living, so you will not be reading about the latest in stapler technology. Nope, we work in TV, and as such will painstakingly give you the benefit of our knowledge.

Or something like that.

The other guy will introduce himself a little later, but since I have the rather auspicious task of being the first, you have to learn about me now. And given the convention that there are very few original ideas on TV right now, I will do so in a highly unoriginal questionnaire format. Yep, this is happening.

What are your favorite genres?
Wow, what a great question, no one. My favorite TV genre is by far the sitcom. Be it single camera or multi camera, I love them. I also really enjoy well done American animation, but the farther removed from the 90's we get, the less likely that I will like it. Finally, although it is not the focus of this blog, I am a horribly cruel sports TV critic.

What are your favorite shows on TV right now?
I think this is a great place for a list!


1. Community (NBC)
2. Parks and Recreation (NBC)
3. The Office (NBC)
4. Castle (ABC)
5. The Mentalist (CBS)

The best show of all time is . . .
. . . Coach. Was it the most influential show in the history of tv? No. Did it have its flaws? Of course it did. However, the combination of college football, Craig T. Nelson, Bill Fagerbaake, and Jerry Van Dyke was comedy gold. This was a show that never extremely popular, but it did have its heyday around the time I was growing up, so it was the first real hit in my eyes. And what can I say, you always remember your first. The first six seasons were some of the most consistently funny TV, that I have ever seen. Of particular standout was the season 2 episode "Homewreckers" where Hayden (Fox) and Luther (Van Dyke) essentially destroy the typical late 80's white carpeted apartment with grape juice.

Honorable Mentions to Avatar: The Last Airbender and pretty much any
show on ABC's TGIF in the 90's, such as Boy Meets World, Family Matters, Step by Step, and just the whole TGIF set up, which I feel was way ahead of its time in its program within a program format.

Anything else you would like to tell the people?
Nope, I'm pretty sick of talking in such a silly format.
In case you haven't been able to tell, I am not a huge fan of introduction posts, you will learn the most about me by reading my posts everyday.
And you will learn very soon as I debut the first Destined to be Cancelled feature tomorrow and look for my Castle and Mad Love reviews later this evening.
Until then, enjoy a great Monday night of TV.


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